Greetings! It was our first month of the semester and the students have been adjusting to their new classroom, teacher, and routines. We know it has been a lot for them to adjust to, but they are doing great. We have been focusing on several themes this month. Week one focused on Greetings and Friendship. During week two we learned about the Body, Food, Health, and Hygiene. Week three was about learning Family, Feelings, and Emotions. Week 4 looks at Homes and Rooms, the rooms of a house, and what we can find in them.


Greetings and Friendship week allowed the students to learn each other’s names, to practice their greetings, and how to ask simple friendly questions and responses such as “How are you?” and “I am good”. Since many of our students are new to English this material was new for them and they were eager to learn it. The Science class for the week talked about how we can tell by the look on each other’s face what kind of mood one might be in.


Feelings, Emotions, and Family week gave the students more opportunity for themselves to learn how to express themselves and how to speak about their family. The students were super excited to share about their family members in the pictures they brought from home. At the end of the week when the students were more familiar with their family members they were taught how to draw a family tree. The students figured where their family was on their tree and they had fun adding the pictures of family members.


Our last week of the month looks into Homes and Rooms familiarizing the students with the different parts of their house and what objects and appliances they may find. In our role play, Evening Routine, we set up the classroom like a home and the students went through a daily routine as if they got home from school.  The whole week provided many opportunities to practice new vocabulary and phrases we use to talk about our homes and as always, the students were super excited to tell all about their homes. From how many floors were in their building, what floor they lived on, and sometimes if they had a friend who lived in the same building. One goal we had was to encourage the students to help with daily choirs around the home.


We’ve had a great month learning about new things. Keep it up 2A!

Students are learning all the different objects found in the home before

they start evening routine role play.

What can we do when we get home from school? We can read books in living room.

After reading, we will have delicious dinner in the dining room.

Don’t forget to take a shower in bathroom, and then it’s time to go to bed! Sweet dreams!