What an excellent first month we have had in Level 3A! The students are working hard and I am very impressed with how enthusiastic and engaged the students have been, and I see a great year ahead of us.


In Phonics, we are easing ourselves into the idea of phonetic blends. The students are very well-acquainted with individual phonemes and their sounds and display this understanding every day. However, even though they are able to use blends in their speaking, it is a very new idea from a Phonics perspective, and so we are spending extra time on the first unit to make sure that the students can put individual sounds together into blends, and they are doing an excellent job so far.


Sight Words has also been something very new for the students. Most of the words from the first few weeks are words that the students already know, and so we are using these units to help the students become more accustomed to the system that we use for learning our sight words, and they are doing an excellent job with it.


The students have also been working hard on their writing. Independent writing is still fairly new for them, and I have been very impressed with their dedication and hard work. I have enjoyed seeing them begin to develop their abilities of written self-expression, writing about topics such as their home and their families.


We have also been enjoying our themes quite a lot. The students had a lot to say about family and home, and they were very excited to share with the class their own personal family trees. I enjoyed watching them construct these family trees and how they depicted themselves in relation to their families. They also very much enjoyed our wedding role play, and talking with each other about family relationships with one another in our big imaginary family! I am very excited about this upcoming school year!