September can be an exciting and challenging time of year for young students, and the Level 4 students at Alexander Academy are doing their best to keep up with the changes. While we have gotten used to new routines in the classroom, we have also done some fun activities to enrich our learning. This is a very eager and inquisitive group of students that jump at the chance to share their knowledge. I am very excited to have the opportunity to provide them a path to their journey to academic excellence.


Grammar and Spelling

We start each week with a list of spelling words to expand our vocabulary. The students are getting used to writing a full sentence for each spelling word and sorting the words with the activities in their spelling textbooks. In grammar we learned how to make complete sentences. We also learned the ways we form questions in English. The students really enjoy asking their new teacher questions in class.



In September we started learning about plants. We learned the parts of plants and the life cycle of a sunflower. The Level 4 students are reinforcing their skills at making and labeling diagrams. We also began our unit on animals. We learned the different categories of animals and the way that animals use their body parts to survive.


Social Studies

Our theme in Social Studies this year is school and family. This month we learned about leaders and rules. We also learned about the reasons why people move to new countries and what the difficulties can be when they move. In our next unit we will be covering planet Earth and resources. I am looking forward to hearing the students’ ideas on how to keep our planet healthy and clean.


Journals and Writing

We have been writing journals every week, and we usually find a way relate the journals to one of our topics in class. As an example, when we read the story “The Big Trip” the students wrote about a trip they took. We have a sample here of one students trip to Vancouver. When we learned about problems and solutions in writing, the students all wrote stories that had a problem. The other writing sample this month shows a problem being solved in a story.



Our research topic this year is space. We reviewed the solar system this month and colored two models of the solar system to have up in our classroom.