It has been said, “Time flies when you are having fun!” The first month of this school year has flown by and we are having fun while learning many new things. I am excited to see how the students will take their English skills to a new level this year.


In Science class this month we have begun learning about the living things on our planet. Our first topic has been plants. We have learned about the different parts of plants, what their functions are, and how plants grow and change. We also took some time to look at the process of Photosynthesis. This provided an awesome opportunity for the students to really appreciate the complexity of plants. Now we will be moving on to animals.


Our focus in Social Studies class this year will be on school and family. To begin, we have been learning about the roles people have in homes, schools, and the community. We have discussed who leaders are and what they do, as well as what rules are and why they are important. These are topics that the students can really relate to and have expressed a deep interest in the qualities a good leader needs to have. The students have displayed evidence of critical thinking skills during discussion time with the vocabulary they are using. I would not be surprised at all to see some great leaders come from this group!


In Reading class, we have been reading some very entertaining stories together. I was excited to see how much the students enjoy what we read, and I hope that will encourage them to read more outside of class. However, Reading class is about more than just reading. This is where we learn and practice many language arts skills. This month we have been learning about how to identify main ideas and details. This carries over into Writing class as well. As a foundational skill to both reading and writing we have spent a good deal of time in Writing class developing this skill. The two samples of student writing for this month show a main idea sentence with supporting detail sentences.


If you look through our journal samples from this month, you will see some interesting stories written by our students. I try to balance providing the students with a topic and giving them the opportunity to select their own topic. My goal is to allow them to use their imaginations and express themselves freely. They are doing well so far, and I anticipate on them making great strides in their writing ability this year.