In September we have been learning about so many interesting things! I am so eager to tell you about them! We are getting more comfortable with our classroom procedures and knowing what is expected of us. We are so excited that the year has started off well!


Science and Social Studies

This month in Science we have studied about plants. We learned: the needs of a plant, how a plant meets their needs, the life cycle of a plant, and how plants reproduce. We have even planted some tomatoes to record the life cycle of a plant. Maybe we will have something delicious to eat too! In Social Studies for the month of September we have been learning about communities and how we play an important role as a citizen in our community. We have also been learning about the different areas that people live, work, and play. These areas include urban, suburban, and rural areas. We discussed the benefits of each area and how they contribute to our lives.


Reading, Writing, and Grammar

In Journal class, we have been focused on how to write a good paragraph. We have been doing some creative writing on topics such as “What I want to be when I grow up, and Name one thing you really do well and describe it in detail.” Just to name a couple. We will have many more fun and exciting topics to write about in the weeks to come! In Grammar class, have been learning how to determine if a sentence is a complete thought. We have been identifying the naming parts and action parts of sentences. We have also started learning about the different types of sentences. Is it an asking sentence? Is it a statement sentence? Or is it an exclamatory sentence?

In Reading class, we started a fun series called “Henry and Mudge.” The series tells about a boy named Henry and his adventures with his dog Mudge. We have also begun a story about a Latino-American family called “My Family.” For the story ‘My Family,’ we created a family tree on poster paper and added pictures of our own families- which are on display in our classroom.

The writing samples in this month’s newsletter are student journal entries. The topics include: “A Story I Created,” “One Thing I Do Well,” and “Can Money Buy Happiness?” This month we have been focusing creative writing skills including emphasis on details.



As you already know, we are studying the human body for our yearlong project. During research this month we have been learning about our circulatory system and our blood. We have learned about the components of blood and how it moves through the body. We have had a busy but exciting month of September! We are very much looking forward to the thrilling things that are happening in October!