September was an exciting month for us in Level 7! While the students got to know their new teacher, we dove right into the challenging material we are to cover this year at Alexander Academy.


Grammar and Spelling

The Level 7 students are very used to doing a list of spelling words each week, so this year we are going to do new activities to freshen things up. This moth we worked on the challenge of doing a crossword puzzle with some of our spelling words. In grammar we review how to make complete sentences, including an understanding of subject and predicate.



We’ve started this year with a unit on the human body. We learned about the digestive system, the respiratory system and the circulatory system. The students had lots of fun making three dimensional models of the digestive system in class.


Social Studies

This year we are learning about how nations are built and function by exploring the history and regions of the U.S.A. So far in September we learned some of the broader concepts such as how regions are distinguished and an introduction into the economy. I am looking forward to allowing the students to express their opinions as they learn more details about the way their world has been constructed.


Reading and Writing

While reading the story “The Power of W.O.W” we learned about acronyms and dialogue. The students performed a riveting reading of the story, which is in the form of a play. We discussed the power of taking action in our communities and the students all wrote their own short plays with a similar theme. The two samples this month are from the writing prompt “My Dream City”. Each student wrote about how they would make Taipei a better city.



Our research topic this year is dinosaurs. We began our research with an explanation of how fossils form, and what we can learn from fossils. We defined the different diets of carnivores, herbivores and omnivores and explored some species of each type.