Dear Parents,


Level 5 continues to work hard in all lessons which is demonstrated in their improvements in speaking, reading and writing. We are focusing heavily on the student’s ability to use proper phonics when reading and speaking to give them the confidence to speak English outside of the classroom. Grammar lessons are also becoming more challenging as we move into new verb tenses to understand the continuum of time when speaking and writing. This is also helping the students’ sentence structure which is reflected in their spelling sentences and journals. Their subject classes are also giving them a better understanding of the world around us and helping them to expand their vocabulary.


In Science class, the students learned about the patterns of the sky. The unit focused on how weather changes, the pattern of the seasons and how living things change with the seasons. In a science experiment, students wrapped ice with different kinds of fabric and measured the temperature change to see how different colors insulate more heat than others. They also created charts to differentiate the seasons and how they affect animals. In Social Studies, students began to learn about America’s past by beginning with colonization and moving into independence. Students are using the same steps to create a scene of colonization and formation of a new country that they are planning. Students continue to work on learning about influential people in the 20th century during Research class and focusing on the one that they will perform at the end of year show.


Reading class continues to focus on different reading skills and applying it to their reading comprehension. This month focused on story structure, main idea and details, character development and, cause and effect. Students then used these skills when writing journal entries. Students wrote on the topics of inventing a new technology to help blind people function more easily, safety tips, an opinion text on their favorite season and story sharing. Students are becoming more creative and focused on ensuring that their journal has an appropriate structure. I continue to encourage students in Level 5A to keep up the good work to continue to see improvements!






Teacher Ashley