Spring is here and the Level 7 class is approaching their topics with vigor and motivation. With the new season we have reviewed our classroom routines and reinforced our dedication to learning in a positive environment. I could tell by the enthusiastic classroom discussions that we covered topics of high interest to the students this month.




We finished our unit on “Conserving the Earth’s Resources” with each student making a collage art poster. Each student chose a different slogan which encouraged environmental wisdom. The posters turned out very good and are hanging on our wall. The rest of March we did a unit on “The Weather” with experiments and demonstrations on air and condensation. Our final hands-on activity was creating foldable paper models which explained a weather topic.


Social Studies


We covered several topics in Social Studies this month. We read an article about what going to school was like in America 200 years ago. The students compared and contrasted it to school today and all agreed they were fortunate to be going to school now. We had a very illuminating classroom discussion on world religions and why people have religion. We finished the month with a lesson on systems of government, which will be continued into April.


Reading and Writing


We began March with a story called “Charles” which had a plot twist at the end of it. Each student wrote a short story with a plot twist. After a lesson on character traits, we read a story about three children who find money on the ground and what each child wants to do. The students wrote stories where children found money and they did an excellent job of showing how characters traits can inform the actions of the story.In our samples this month, Ines wrote a strange story with a plot twist at the end called “Punishment”. Timmy wrote a story called “Crazy Minecart” that shows the consequences of picking up money near a mine.




This month we began organizing our ideas for the End of the Year Show. We’ve planned a timeline that will have a first draft of our performance completed in April so we can begin practicing. Each student has a chosen dinosaur species to study and was asked to find information on the internet.