Dear parents, as the second month of the semester comes to an end I want to take a little time to inform you about what we have been doing so far. In spelling class   we are still learning new words and creating our own definitions for these words.   We are getting into more and more difficult terms and have to provide a logical context to put and use these terms in.


In grammar class we have been focusing on capitalization and punctuation and are now able to apply correct capital letters and punctuation to our sentences. We are now working on pronouns and are applying this to our weekly writings. We are also focusing on consistently writing in past tense as opposed to mixing our tenses throughout the journal writings.


In science class we have been talking about the solar system and how we can define it. We also have been talking about the different inner planets and their properties. We also looked into the resources we need for life as we know it to exist. We figured out that some planets in our solar system have these properties. We also realized that these planets only had some properties and that we need all of them in order for life to exist. For the rest of the month we have been talking about the way space objects orbit each other and how that affects our perception of time and seasons.


In social studies we finished up talking about governments by making a big chart that has the whole government system on it. Students then had to present their chart in front of class in order to work on their total comprehension and presentation skills. Overall all students did well on this and showed progress in their ability to work as a group. During the majority of this month we have been talking about different kinds of income and how people use budgeting as a tool to manage their financial resources. In order to fully comprehend this system we did a simulation of what the usual family has to spend their monthly income on. Students realized that there were a lot more factors in play then they previously thought.


In reading and writing class we have been working on writing in a consistent tense and making fewer mistakes in our conjugations. We have been looking into the different parts of a story structure and starting to dissect what exactly has to be mentioned in the beginning, middle, and end. Students also worked on creating connecting sentences that are supposed to tie the whole story together in a fluent but elegant way.