March has been marvelous at Alexander Academy! In science we have been learning about the Solar System. In Social Studies we have been learning about how America got started. In Reading and Writing we have been practicing some old skills and learning some new ones. Time flies when you’re having fun!


Science and Social Studies

This month in Science we have been studying about what Solar System with our main focus on Earth. We learned about different theories about how the Earth moves and rotates. We also learned about the phases of the moon. In Social Studies we have been learning about the first settlers to America. We also discussed some heroes who played a vital role in establishing the United States as an independent nation. Finally, we talked about some important scientist who made valuable contributions to America and to the world.


Reading, Writing, and Grammar

In Journal class, we have been writing practicing persuasive writing. Some of our titles included; Should there be zoos or not? Which is better, T.V. or books? and Who’s the best super hero?   In Grammar class, we have finished up the unit on the different types of nouns. In the coming month we will be moving into writing book reports and story writing. In Reading class, we have enjoyed reading some fun fiction and interesting non-fiction selections. The stories included: Violet’s Music, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Helen Keller. Reading skills covered in this unit include; author’s purpose, main idea and details, compare and contrast, and infer and predict.



In March, we have learned about the anatomy and functions of the respiratory system for part of the month then moved into the muscles of the body. We learned about the names of different muscle groups and how the nerves cause the muscles to move. We discussed how some muscles move voluntarily and involuntarily. The students are already beginning to prepare for the end of year presentation. It’s going to be awesome! Next month we will be studying the muscles and the skeletal system.