March has been such a fun month in Level 3A, punctuated by a lot of birthdays in our class, including yours truly. In themes, we have learned about cities and maps, and also began looking forward to the change in weather with our Spring and Summer and Trees and Forests themes.


Our first theme this month was city. The students were able to talk about the entire infrastructure and public services that make a city function and keep it a clean and livable place. They were very interested in sewage and water treatment as well. In Science, they practiced building bridges and their role play was all about the importance of paying taxes in order to support the public services that we need to make our city a nice place to live.


In Maps week, we learned how to read a map and use it to find our way. The students practiced with compass skills and learned how to orient the map towards north in order to make sense of their directions. The students discussed all of the different things that maps can show, such as physical geography, human geography, ecology, and biomes. They can also show travel routes. The students learned how to read a map key and use the scale of the map to estimate distances between objects shown on the map.


Our next theme was spring and summer, and we do hope that all our talk of those warmer seasons will usher in a change of weather. We can’t wait for spring! The class engaged in a very fun role play, during which they drew parallels between Chinese and Western spring and summer holidays and the similarities in their stories and symbols. All holidays around this time of year celebrate the earth waking up again after the long, cold winter, and so have some things in common. The class performed an Easter egg hunt, and pretended to race dragon boats.


The last theme of this month was trees and forests. The students learned about different types of forests around the world and their varying characteristics, and about how to tell how old a tree is by looking inside of it. We were able to look at some real wood samples to count the years in the rings inside! We also learned about how to take care of the forest and why it is important, and the students wrote some very good journals about taking care of the forest.


Happy spring, Level 3A!