Hello 2A family and friends. As your child’s teacher I am so proud to share how well each and every student is doing. Now that we have been together for quite a while I am really starting to see big improvements in their English. We had a lot of fun themes in March.


We started off with a theme all about city life. This theme connected back to the previous theme about buildings and construction. We reviewed the many parts that make up a city. For example there is much more to a city than just buildings. We brainstormed about the many different places in a city like homes, schools, workplaces, and most importantly the people.


We wrapped up this unit with a theme about maps. This was a very exciting theme because most of the students already had some kind of understanding of what a map was. This led to some really good conversation times. We learned how there are many different items that can be found on a map. One example would be the compass rose. We learned how to use the proper vocabulary when talking about north, south, east, and west. Also we used each day to learn about a new kind of map. Some examples would be street map, world map, and some very old treasure maps!


Next we started a new unit that will take us from the city to the great outdoors. Appropriately, we started this new unit with a theme about spring and summer. The weather has certainly started to change outside. It was great to hear the students using their English to describe the changes. We had an exciting science lesson about how ice can melt at different speeds. This was a great experiment for learning how to use a thermometer.


Lastly, we explored a theme about trees and forests. This was a very fun theme filled with lots of great vocabulary. Again, the students were excited to use the vocabulary they had learned back in the plants theme. We were able to take the vocabulary from parts of a flower and bush, and add new parts found on a tree. Also, the students really enjoyed discussing all the things you could find in a forest from animals to hidden caves.


I have high expectations for this 2A class. I cannot wait to see how awesome the rest of the year will turn out!

In “City” week, we learned about all the parts of city. In science class, we learned the reason why we can’t throw anything in water pipe and toilet:it will get stuck!

Let’s see what will happen if the pipe has tissues inside. Will water go through the pipe or get stuck?

Spring and Summer are coming! After being cold for a long time, the weather starts to getting warmer! What can we do on beautiful sunny days? Picnic!

What other outdoor activities can we do? Let’s go fishing!