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「沒錯,就是這樣!」 昨天是艾力大學預備課程第二場家長說明會。 一位IBM任職的爸爸聽完笑說,應該請我們到IBM開課,這完全是IBM企劃開發需要的能力,如果邏輯統整能力強、思路流暢清晰,做Presentation時,一定更有說服力! 另一位AI專家的教授爸爸,更是感同身受,也一直說我們應該到大學開課,碩士、博士班研究生都應該來修這門思辨課程。

艾力美語大學預備課程說明會 Q &A


L3A October,2018 Newsletter

Dear Parents, My name is Philip and I have recently taken over level three as their new teacher. Over this month we have been discussing many new themes, improving our writing structure and getting ready for Halloween. It has been a fun, lively, yet productive few weeks. We start most classes with a conversation where

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Level 7 October,2018 Newsletter

Dear Parents and Students, I appreciate the opportunity to teach your kids and this month was even better than the last. The Level 7 class is learning about everything they need to know in the real world as speakers of more than one language. I am so proud of how far they have come. This

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Level 5 October,2018 Newsletter

Dear Parents and Students, We had so much fun practicing the songs and preparing for Halloween this month! The kids have been learning so much in every subject as well. This has been an amazing educational experience for the students and me. We’ve discovered new worlds and possibilities that have led to more scholastic knowledge.

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Level 6 October,2018 Newsletter

Dear parents and students, Students began a unit in their grammar textbook that revolves around nouns. We started off with what a noun is before moving on to distinguishing between different types of nouns. We continued working on silent letters and blends in phonics. Our spelling units dealt with short i and long i, tricky

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Level 2A October,2018 Newsletter

Dear parents and students, October was a wonderful month for Level 2A! All students really understand our classroom rules and procedures now. This allows us to cover more academic material during class and everything runs smoothly. More importantly, it helps students focus more on education because they understand the expectations. They are also beginning to

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