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Study at Stanford Online High School

During my first year at Stanford Online High School (OHS), English class was very tough. Given an English award in my previous school, I felt overwhelmed when I received a bad score on my first OHS assignment. Being in a rigorous environment with gifted intellectuals was quite an adjustment. My [...]

十一月 16th, 2018|校刊|


There are many ways to implement scaffolding at school and at home – it’s an inherently flexible format that allows for much creativity when creating learning environments. Here are a few examples of what we do regularly to give our students the best platform to climb on. 1. Brainstorming Using a [...]

十一月 16th, 2018|Uncategorized|


In 1957, Jerome Bruner introduced Scaffolding Theory as a term to describe language learning in young children. He was referring to a method or structure in which students are able to absorb language and progress to learning independently over a period of instruction. Bruner described an interactive and collaborative method [...]

十一月 16th, 2018|校刊|

National Day on Writing! 大家快來分享Why I Write!!

你知道️美國有國家寫作日嗎? 這可是2010經過參議院正式決議的國家節日喔!藉由慶祝寫作日,希望讓大家重新思考"寫作"在生活中扮演的角色。艾力美語也在這一起共襄盛舉,分享"寫作" 對我們的意義!希望孩子跟我們一起愛上寫作!

十月 31st, 2018|活動|


艾力美語萬聖節艾力美語萬聖節Treat or Trick~ How many candies did you get? 2018艾力美語萬聖節大遊行,搶糖成功!! 這次不只艾力寶貝”鬼模鬼樣”,我們外師也是創意盡出,有看過會走路的悠遊卡嗎?  草莓+蛋糕組合? 有鬍子的神奇寶貝小智? 如果沒見過,那你沒參加我們萬聖節大遊行真是太可惜了! 好在我們整理出大鬼小鬼的精彩集錦,不要再後悔了,趕快一睹為快!!! […]

十月 30th, 2018|活動|

Level 7 September,2018 Newsletter

Dear Parents and Students, I am so glad I’ve had the opportunity to be a teacher for Level 7 this year. The first month was a success and you have all done a wonderful job. You’ve excelled in every subject from Spelling to Writing and have done exceptionally well in [...]

十月 23rd, 2018|校刊|