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Thinking A Move Ahead

Chess is a fun game. It involves strategizing, planning, and focus. Here are a few executive functions that chess helps you improve in! First, chess helps one juggle time against quality. In chess, one has a clock and a limited amount of time to work with. One either loses by [...]

六月 19th, 2018|Evocation, 校刊|

Everyday I’m Functioning

Develop executive function out of anything Executive function permeates our daily activities. From the workplace to the classroom, it is something we use everywhere. Thus, teaching it starts with identifying what situations are suitable for developing this area of our mentality. School is a varied and exciting place where students [...]

六月 19th, 2018|Evocation, 校刊|

Executive function

The base skills for dealing with life’s problems Executive what? It’s frustrating when kids don’t pay attention, isn’t it? Or, when they forget something you have literally just told them. Or, when they just can’t see the importance of what you’re saying. We, for some reason just can’t pin down [...]

六月 19th, 2018|Evocation, 校刊|

Level 6A May Newsletter 2018

Dear parents, We’re getting close to the end of the semester! We had our third Major Assessment at the end of May, and everyone worked hard on it. We’re nearly done with our textbooks, and we’re transitioning into our preparations for our final exams. In Spelling class, we studied still [...]

六月 5th, 2018|校刊|

Level 5 May, 2018 Newsletter

Dear parents, We’re coming up on the last month of the semester! We spent the last month of Spelling class studying more consonant and vowel clusters. In Grammar class we talked more about gerunds and participles and when it’s appropriate to use them. We also started to review for the [...]

六月 5th, 2018|校刊|

Level 5A May Newsletter 2018

Dear Parents, Students learned about helping verbs, contractions, and using descriptive exact verbs in grammar class. We have been working towards using these skills with accuracy in both writing and speaking. Our spelling units went over different VCCV patterns, double consonants, and “augh” vs. “ough” patterns. In phonics, students practiced [...]

六月 5th, 2018|校刊|

Level 4 May Newsletter

Dear students and parents, Another month is behind us and I am happy to report that things in class are going very well. Level 4 continue to impress me with their adherence to class rules, as well as their ability to speak English at all times – even during break [...]

六月 5th, 2018|校刊|

Level 4A May, 2018 Newsletter

We are concluding the month of May in L4. This month, the students completed their third Major Assessment. I was happy to see the students do well and improve in some areas since last time. We continued to build their vocabulary and understanding of different topics. We especially focused on [...]

六月 5th, 2018|校刊|

Level 3A May, 2018 Newsletter

We are concluding the month of May in L3A. This month, the students completed their third Major Assessment. I was happy to see improvements from all students compared to last time. We continued to learn and grow the students’ vocabulary and understanding of English. We focused a lot on phonics [...]

六月 5th, 2018|校刊|