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Level 4 November, 2018 Newsletter

Dear Parents, It has been another wonderful month for the Level 4 class. They have been showing great progress in speaking, reading, and writing – not to mention, their ability to hold themselves accountable for their own actions and behavior. In Spelling, we have been focusing primarily on two letter [...]

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Level 2A November, 2018 Newsletter

Well, another month has passed in the 2A class, and the students have shown substantial growth. The topics covered this month were very detailed and quite scientific, and each of the students surpassed expectations with the information they retained and were able to repeat in the weeks following. We covered [...]

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Level 7 November, 2018 Newsletter

Dear Parents, Another month has passed and I am happy to say that students are making great progress in their learning! In Spelling, we tackled homophones, compound words, and words ending with the schwa + r sound. Students have been working hard to conceptualize new vocabulary, participating in various speaking [...]

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Level 4A November, 2018 Newsletter

Hello Parents, November has brought a change for the children in terms of increasing their word use and learning more about the natural world around them. At the beginning of the month the children were taught about the differences between living and non-living things and continued a conversation where children [...]

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Level 5A October, 2018 Newsletter

Dear parents, as the second month of English school comes to an end I want to inform you about what we have been doing so far. The class has been doing great so far and are having a lot of fun learning experiences. In spelling class the students learned a [...]

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Level 3A October 2018 Newsletter

Hello, Through vigilance the children have shown a greater proficiency in their phonic use. Students that have struggled in the past have been able to read passages in stories as well as pronounce words that they struggled with. Students began with a simpler reading of words with the ‘sh’ and [...]

十二月 25th, 2018|校刊|

Level 5 October, 2018 Newsletter

Dear parents, The end of October marks our second month completed. Level 5 has been working hard on improving their learning abilities. The class has been doing great so far. We are all back on track concerning routines and are having a lot of fun learning experiences. In Science this [...]

十二月 25th, 2018|校刊|

Level 4A October 2018 Newsletter

Hello, October has provided time for the students of 4A to fine-tune both their writing skills as well as their reading skills. They have learned how to create a proper question, identify nouns and pronouns, and utilize the proper conjugation of the verb ‘is’. Through exposure the children have improved [...]

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Level 2A October, 2018 Newsletter

Another month has passed for 2A and I am extremely happy with the progress of each student. We have all gotten used to the class rules and procedures, and our small class has become much closer to one another with the students looking out for and helping each other as [...]

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Level 6 October, 2018 Newsletter

Dear Parents, We’ve had another great month here in the L6 classroom, culminating in last week’s Halloween festivities. I hope to bring you up to speed with what has been happening over the last month. In spelling, students have been challenged in recent weeks with the topic of homophones. These [...]

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