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Level 3A December 2018 Newsletter

Dear Parents, December has brought out the wonder of Christmas and the season of caring. The children were given many opportunities with role playing. The month began with the children role playing Christmas where they first created and coloured in decorations that they placed on the class tree. They then [...]

16 1 月, 2019|校刊|

Level 9 December 2018 Newsletter

For Level 9, it certainly was the season to be jolly! We covered a variety of topics in class and really banded together to achieve a great result at the Christmas event. I was so proud to see the students put real thought and effort into their Secret Santa presents [...]

16 1 月, 2019|校刊|

Level 7 December, 2018 Newsletter

Dear Parents, It has been another productive month for the Level 7 class. Their understanding of the core subjects – Speaking, Reading, and Writing – is continuously improving and efforts towards other disciplines such as Science, Social Studies, and Research have also proved to be fruitful. In Spelling, we moved [...]

16 1 月, 2019|校刊|


「沒錯,就是這樣!」 昨天是艾力大學預備課程第二場家長說明會。 一位IBM任職的爸爸聽完笑說,應該請我們到IBM開課,這完全是IBM企劃開發需要的能力,如果邏輯統整能力強、思路流暢清晰,做Presentation時,一定更有說服力! 另一位AI專家的教授爸爸,更是感同身受,也一直說我們應該到大學開課,碩士、博士班研究生都應該來修這門思辨課程。 […]

10 1 月, 2019|活動|

艾力美語大學預備課程說明會 Q &A

第一場艾力美語大學預備課程,感謝家長的熱烈參與!我們彼此交換語言學習的觀點,互相分享孩子未來高等教育的想法;明天【1/8-第二場說明會】到來前,我們與您分享家長們的一些疑問及艾力美語大學預備課程的理念與目標,希望幫助您理解我們課程,一起更好的規劃孩子的未來!!😄 […]

10 1 月, 2019|活動|

Level 5 November, 2018

Hello parents! As November comes to a close I’d like to take some time to review everything the students have learned this month. It has been an often challenging handful of weeks for the students but, as always, they persevered. In Science this month we focused on environments such as [...]

9 1 月, 2019|校刊|

Level 6 November, 2018 Newsletter

Dear Parents, We have had a good first month in November at Alexander Academy. I have enjoyed getting to know the students. I have been very impressed with their work ethic and their speaking and writing English ability. In science we have been looking at variety in different species, for [...]

9 1 月, 2019|校刊|

Level 5A November, 2018 Newsletter

Dear parents, We are coming to the end of November and my first month here at Alexander Academy. I have really enjoyed getting to know the students over the last month. I have been very impressed with their level of English and their work ethic. In science this month we [...]

9 1 月, 2019|Uncategorized|

L3A November,2018 Newsletter

Hello Parents, The end of October and Halloween allowed the children to transition into learning more about the world and improving both their writing and spelling abilities. The 3A children began the month by learning about the 4 seasons in the year and the differences that those bring in terms [...]

9 1 月, 2019|Uncategorized|

Level 9 November 2018 Newsletter

November has been a month of big projects across a number of subjects. It’s been great to see the kids’ take a hands-on approach to their learning as well as being able to work together for a common goal. They have been considerate and thought conscientiously about the classroom environment. [...]

9 1 月, 2019|Uncategorized|