生活化浸潤式美語教學 學齡前的小朋友最好的學習方式絕非是填鴨式,而是整合式的多重感官學習,唯有藉由多重感官學習,英文才能深入小朋友大腦中的長期記憶區,而扎實的成為他們的日常用語。 注重孩子身體的、情緒的、認知的、語言的發展 美語是我們拿手的,藉著培養語言能力,以美語為工具,重視孩子們身體的,情緒的,認知的,語言的和社交能力上的發展,活潑而有彈性的主題單元式的課程規劃,加入感覺統合及多元智能的各項活動時,透過各式的遊戲及活動來加強語言的學習部分。我們所有的課程和活動都圍繞著教學的五大目標 : 1. 獨立自主: 訓練孩子的基本力,包含自律、自我管理和自我發展能力 對自我的了解對自己行為有自主性了解是非對錯了解責任感能清楚表達自我對學習更能掌握建立個人價值觀 2. 自在: 在更了解自我及環境後,我們希望艾力的孩子能自由自在,隨心所欲,做任何事均無障礙 與家庭和世界有更深厚的連結孩子們知道有一片屬於他們的天地他們在規律生活中培養安全感遊戲被視為是幼兒發展最重要的一環孩子們的健康是被重視的孩子們的情緒反應是被照顧的他們是安全而無憂的孩子們更能靈活運用他們的身體 3. 領導能力及社交能力: 每個孩子被視為獨立個體鼓勵孩子們與同儕一起學習幫助他們了解管理自己及他人的重要性 4. 溝通能力: 藉由聽、說、讀、寫等方式來訓練孩子們的溝通能力 發展語言及文字的溝通能力發展非語言及非文字的溝通能力學習用符號或故事來表達有創造力以不同方式表達自己 5. 探索世界的能力: 藉著邏輯推理賦予我們的孩子探索世界的能力 邏輯性及批判式的思考方式解決問題的能力享受創新的挑戰

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Level 5A November, 2018 Newsletter

Dear parents, We are coming to the end of November and my first month here at Alexander Academy. I have really enjoyed getting to know the students over the last month. I have been very impressed with their level of English and their work ethic. In science this month we [...]

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L3A November,2018 Newsletter

Hello Parents, The end of October and Halloween allowed the children to transition into learning more about the world and improving both their writing and spelling abilities. The 3A children began the month by learning about the 4 seasons in the year and the differences that those bring in terms [...]

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Level 9 November 2018 Newsletter

November has been a month of big projects across a number of subjects. It’s been great to see the kids’ take a hands-on approach to their learning as well as being able to work together for a common goal. They have been considerate and thought conscientiously about the classroom environment. [...]

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Level 4 November, 2018 Newsletter

Dear Parents, It has been another wonderful month for the Level 4 class. They have been showing great progress in speaking, reading, and writing – not to mention, their ability to hold themselves accountable for their own actions and behavior. In Spelling, we have been focusing primarily on two letter [...]

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