There are many ways to implement scaffolding at school and at home – it’s an inherently flexible format that allows for much creativity when creating learning environments. Here are a few examples of what we do regularly to give our students the best platform to climb on. 1. Brainstorming Using a [...]

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Level 5 September,2018 Newsletter

Dear Parents and Students, This month has been such a wonderful learning experience for the students and I. It has been a pleasure getting to know them and teaching them an array of lessons for Spelling, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, and Research. I am impressed by their enthusiasm to [...]

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Level 2A September,2018 Newsletter

Dear parents and students, I enjoyed welcoming all Level 2A students to Alexander academy this month. September was a month focussed largely on learning rules and procedures, how to ask for things and express needs, the alphabet, and basic vocabulary on top of our classwork each week. For example, students [...]

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L4A Sep,2018 Newsletter

Hello, September has brought an improvement to the students and their ability to improve their learning. They have learnt the different processes by which plants spread their seeds as well as show the life cycle of a plant. They then moved on to learning about animals and they were able [...]

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L4 Sep,2018 Newsletter

Dear Parents, The school year has begun and the students are off to a remarkable start. One may expect the adjustment from kindergarten to elementary to be challenging, but the new routines and procedures have been coming quite nicely for our class. They are great listeners and treat each other [...]

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活動日期與時間 10/26 (五) 1:30~4:30 (如遇雨則取消遊街,改為校內活動) 遊街糖果準備 請於10/12(五)前提供約20~40顆糖果,並標註班級與姓名,糖果的種類限制如下: 基於衛生考量,請提供有獨立包裝之糖果 請勿提供含有巧克力成分之糖果 請避免提供易碎之餅乾 遊街裝扮服裝準備 請於10/22(一)前提供裝扮服裝,並標註班級與姓名 *當天整體活動流程將於活動前一週另行通知 !!

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活動日期與時間  10/26 (五) 1:30~4:30 (如遇雨則取消遊街,改為校內活動) 遊街糖果準備 請於10/12(五)前提供約20~40顆糖果,並標註班級與姓名,糖果的種類限制如下: 基於衛生考量,請提供有獨立包裝之糖果 請勿提供含有巧克力成分之糖果 避免提供易碎之餅乾 遊街裝扮服裝準備 請於10/22(一)前提供裝扮服裝,並標註班級與姓名 *當天整體活動流程將於活動前一週另行通知 !!

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  活動日期與時間 晴天:10/26 (五) 2:30~5:00 雨天:10/26 (五) 4:00~5:00 (如遇下雨,孩子們仍會在學校進行萬聖節活動,但由於室內空間及場地大小有限,家長僅參與部分活動,尚請您見諒!) 遊街糖果準備 若您的寶貝有參加當天活動,請家長配合於10/12(五)前提供約30~50顆糖果交給各班中師,糖果的種類限制如下: 基於衛生考量,請提供有獨立包裝之糖果 請勿提供含有巧克力成分之糖果 請避免提供易碎之餅乾 *當天整體活動流程以及家長集合地點將於活動前一週另行通知 !!

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