Level 5A November, 2018 Newsletter

Dear parents, We are coming to the end of November and my first month here at Alexander Academy. I have really enjoyed getting to know the students over the last month. I have been very impressed with their level of English and their work ethic. In science this month we [...]

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L3A November,2018 Newsletter

Hello Parents, The end of October and Halloween allowed the children to transition into learning more about the world and improving both their writing and spelling abilities. The 3A children began the month by learning about the 4 seasons in the year and the differences that those bring in terms [...]

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Level 9 November 2018 Newsletter

November has been a month of big projects across a number of subjects. It’s been great to see the kids’ take a hands-on approach to their learning as well as being able to work together for a common goal. They have been considerate and thought conscientiously about the classroom environment. [...]

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Level 4 November, 2018 Newsletter

Dear Parents, It has been another wonderful month for the Level 4 class. They have been showing great progress in speaking, reading, and writing – not to mention, their ability to hold themselves accountable for their own actions and behavior. In Spelling, we have been focusing primarily on two letter [...]

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Level 2A November, 2018 Newsletter

Well, another month has passed in the 2A class, and the students have shown substantial growth. The topics covered this month were very detailed and quite scientific, and each of the students surpassed expectations with the information they retained and were able to repeat in the weeks following. We covered [...]

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