Level 7 November, 2018 Newsletter

Dear Parents, Another month has passed and I am happy to say that students are making great progress in their learning! In Spelling, we tackled homophones, compound words, and words ending with the schwa + r sound. Students have been working hard to conceptualize new vocabulary, participating in various speaking [...]

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Level 4A November, 2018 Newsletter

Hello Parents, November has brought a change for the children in terms of increasing their word use and learning more about the natural world around them. At the beginning of the month the children were taught about the differences between living and non-living things and continued a conversation where children [...]

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2018艾力耶誕關懷「Around the world」,成功!! 一年一度歡樂耶誕,在美好的氣氛中溫馨落幕! 孩子的笑容為我們留下美好的回憶; 更難能可貴是我們帶給他們關懷的精神: Be Kind! 因此,謝謝爸爸媽媽的支持,與我們一起將信念帶到全世界,讓我們一起在艾力尋找屬於你們的耶誕時刻!!

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There are many ways to implement scaffolding at school and at home – it’s an inherently flexible format that allows for much creativity when creating learning environments. Here are a few examples of what we do regularly to give our students the best platform to climb on. 1. Brainstorming Using a [...]

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Level 5 September,2018 Newsletter

Dear Parents and Students, This month has been such a wonderful learning experience for the students and I. It has been a pleasure getting to know them and teaching them an array of lessons for Spelling, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, and Research. I am impressed by their enthusiasm to [...]

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Level 2A September,2018 Newsletter

Dear parents and students, I enjoyed welcoming all Level 2A students to Alexander academy this month. September was a month focussed largely on learning rules and procedures, how to ask for things and express needs, the alphabet, and basic vocabulary on top of our classwork each week. For example, students [...]

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L4A Sep,2018 Newsletter

Hello, September has brought an improvement to the students and their ability to improve their learning. They have learnt the different processes by which plants spread their seeds as well as show the life cycle of a plant. They then moved on to learning about animals and they were able [...]

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