We give students reason and direction to work hard, helping them understand long-term goals and to stay determined through tough tasks. In building these skills, the students at Alexander Academy learn to have grit, a proven essential characteristic for lifelong success.

Working Hard: Inborn talent can be good, it can help you overcome what would otherwise be a challenge. But as long as you lack a strong work ethic, that talent will only get you so far. Students at Alexander Academy are pushed hard so they can build on that essential work ethic and maximize their potentials. By being used to consistent hard work, students are always on the path to grit.

Guided Practice: Direction is key in learning how to improve your skills. We help ensure that students know what to do but also aren’t afraid to guess, try out different answers according to what makes the most sense to them, and keep asking questions. Angela Duckworth, writer of Grit: The Power and Passion of Perseverance, says doing these things will help students build up a gritty personality, ensuring long-term success.

Long-term Goals: When it comes to long-term goals, we go help students build lifelong learning skills and teach responsibility. Homework checks help ensure students are always on task, while research and writing projects make sure students are able to see the bigger picture. Through these classes students learn organization, critical thinking, and more, all of which help them think beyond day to day life and realize even when the road ahead is tough, there is a worthwhile reason to follow it.

Determination: In our classrooms, we constantly strive to keep students determined. As they try their best to answer questions and stay engaged in class they are always given praise for their efforts. Rather than get upset at students’ mistakes, we push them to try harder and work with them to improve this comprehension. The next time the student hits a bump in the road, they are determined to overcome it.

Using all the above skills and more, students learn to acquire that much-needed grit in everyday learning and life. Not only are they forged into stronger students, they are given the characteristics of passion and perseverance to make them into learners with strong work ethics that can and will carry them far.



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