Stump Your Parents


1.Which continent has the most dinosaurs fossils?
a. Antarctica
b. North America
c. Africa
d. Asia

2.Stegosaurus was a plant-eater, but it was no wimp. How did Stegasaurus protect itself from enemies?
a. Sat on them
b. Stomped on them
c. Bit them
d. Smacked them with his spiky tail

3.When the first dinosaur’s bones were discovered in China about 2000 years ago, people thought
they were :
a. Chicken bones
b. Dragon bones
c. Tiger bones
d. Panda bones

4.What does the word dinosaur mean?
a. Terrible breath
b. Terrible lizard
c. Terrible old
d. Terrible monster


1. When did dinosaurs die out?
a. About 65 million years ago
b. About 65 billion years ago
c. About 650,000 years ago
d. About 6,000 years ago

2. Dinosaurs lived at the same time as which of these
a. Early humans
b. Woodly mammoths
c. Saber-toothed cats
d. None of above

3. How many dinosaur species have been officially
a. Over 5000
b. About 300
c. About 700
d. More than 10000

4. If a Tyrannosaurus rex were chasing you across a field, how could you outrun this predator?
a. By walking
b. By running
c. By riding a skateboard
d. By zooming away on a motorized scooter

Mystery Man-Guess Who I Am !!

Born December 30, 1984

  • He is widely regarded as the best player in basketball today.
  • Awards and accomplishments: 3× NBA champion, 3x NBA Finals MVP, 4x NBA Most Valuable Player, 13× NBA All-Star and 3× Olympic medalist.
  • He’ll work out 5 days a week and often wakes up at 5 AM to exercise.
  • He established his own charity foundation to help needy children.
  • Famous quote: “Don’t be afraid of failure. This is the way to succeed.”