As it cooled, the borax that could no longer stay in the solution crystalized onto our pipe cleaner snowflakes. They turned out so beautiful. We talked about how Christmastime is an opportunity to donate our kindness, money, or time to help those in need. That’s why our proceeds from the Christmas Carnival, this year, went to benefit Children Are Us.

Another theme we talked about was dinosaurs. This theme made us really work on our reading and phonics skills. In science class we made dirt to create our own fossils. Later, we pretended to be paleontologists and unearthed our fossils. We then shared with the class what fossils we found. The dinosaur names were challenging yet fun to say. We had a fun time recognizing which ones had special features like the smallest, the smartest, and the missing link that suggests dinosaurs evolved into birds.

The last theme we covered in December was weather. We had a fun time learning about all the different clouds that exist. Just like the dinosaur theme, the cloud names were a good exercise to practice our reading and phonics skills. We learned how to describe what the clouds look like, at which altitude they can form, and which ones are the rain makers. Science class was fun as we watched clouds form inside our classroom and we got to observe the water cycle happen inside a glass jar.

This month in phonics we saw more letter blends that included /r/(tr-, br-, cr-, dr-, gr-). In our sight words class finished covering the days of the week and colors. Now our classroom writings can begin to include colorful words