Dear parents, as the last semester of English school comes to an end I want to take some time to inform you about what we have been doing so far. We succeeded in creating a positive learning environment that supports every student in the classroom. In spelling class, the students learned a lot of new words and are able to put them in the context of a sentence they constructed themselves. By doing this, the students are having a good exercise in making a correct sentence and creating a context for a word that they understand. In grammar class, we finished looking into the different parts of a sentence. We are now able to recognize these different parts in any given sentence. We started using this knowledge to create sound sentence patterns that can be used in many situations. This month we looked into the conjugation of the verb “to be” and how to use this verb in relation to verbs, adjectives, and nouns. The goal is to review the usage of all common verbs and construct sound grammatical sentences around them.

In Science Class, we have been looking into the way energy flows through all living things. We learned about producers, consumers, and decomposers. We realized that the sun is the main source of energy for all living things. We found out that producers can create their own energy while using the sun. On the other hand, consumers have to consume other living organisms in the form of plants or animals to get the necessary energy. We observed the energy following a path through certain living things and defined this as a food chain. We realized that many food chains are connected in an environment forming more intricate food webs. We realized that ecosystems are very fragile because all members in a food web rely on each other for survival and population control.

In Social Studies we looked into needs and wants. We differentiated between needs and wants by doing an exercise in which the students had to decide where to categorize different goods and services. Students then realized that different people have various needs and want because they live in different environments and have different preferences. Students finally found out that all people still have basic needs that have to be fulfilled to survive comfortably.  

In reading and writing class we started our last writing project for this semester. This writing project consisted of creating a story based on a personal experience. This experience had to be meaningful and emotional. The students had to write one story that described the real experience. They also had to write two other stories that had small lies in them. The students will then have to figure out which story is real and which one is fake. The goal of this writing project is to teach the students how to use personal experience to make their stories more convincing.

Kind regards,

Teacher Eli