Dear Parents,

Level 2A learned about some very fun themes in March! We learned about Cities, Maps, Spring and Summer, and Trees and Forests. Our role plays focused on speaking in full sentences while acting out real life scenarios. For maps week, we had fun mapping our neighborhood around Alexander Academy. We used the projector to display Google Maps on the screen. We then went to street view and were able to “walk” around our neighborhood. Students had fun pointing out the landmarks they recognized and making their own maps. Trees and forests week focused on a tree’s parts, how and why trees are extremely important to us in many ways, and the animals that make their homes in forests. We went across the street to Da’an park and pretended to be arborists. Students were able to hypothesize what the trees would probably look like and why before we left the classroom. They were then able to compare trees once we got to the park by seeing and feeling.

During our weekly role plays this month, we cleaned the house, went to the library, opened an ice cream shop, and practiced evening routines. March’s weekly role plays focused on communication, practice, and most importantly responsibility.

We started our new weekly books, Songbirds in March. Students practice reading aloud as a class, in groups, and individually. We focus on figuring out words phonetically and correct pronunciation while reading complete sentences more fluently. This builds from our phonics workbook material as well. Students have also been working very hard to improve their writing. They are practicing neat penmanship on a regular basis. We are also focusing on taking the complete sentences that students are speaking related to themes, adding more sentences in a way that adds to the previous ideas, and writing them in their journals.

Students have had some great hands-on science experiments this month as well. We looked a pipes, mapped Alexander Academy while discussing scale and viewpoint, studied temperature change, and made a food web. Students loved the pipe experiment! We discussed how pipes are crucial to cities and were able to demonstrate how water flows from one pipe to another freely. We then saw what could happen if we clogged the pipes with different materials.

It was nice getting to know students this month as we continued on our learning adventure. I am looking forward to another month full of exciting new themes with Level 2A in April!

Teacher Jessica