We have finished a productive month in 3A, in which we started Semester 2. We learned many new concepts, as well as continuing to work hard on their phonics, grammar and spelling in order to improve their overall comprehension of English. I am happy with all of the students’ work ethic so far this semester. They all met my expectations for the month of March.

In Science, we learned about a new concept each week and then did a fun experiment or activity to reinforce their knowledge of the topic. We learned about a variety of different interesting topics. For example, one week we learned how waves in oceans are made then used a blow dryer to model how wind affects the size of waves. Another week, we learned about the magnetic field on Earth, then used compasses to show how the magnetism makes them work and point to the North.

In Reading, we focused on reading aloud with a good volume and pace, as well as reading individually without the rest of the class.. We read multiple Songbird stories, such as “The Upside-Down Browns” which is a story about a funny family that does everything opposite, such as wearing clothes in the shower.

In Phonics, we continued to practice blending consonant sounds as well short vowel sounds. We focused heavily on the “long e” sound examining many different combinations of letters that can make this sound (such as ee, ea, y, etc). Students practice reading these words as well as writing them. These activities and workshops greatly reinforce our student’s phonetic abilities.

In Role Plays, our students acted out a variety of real life situations that are related to the themes. Roleplays help the students to remember the theme vocabulary, as well as practical ways to talk about them in everyday life. For example, during “Maps” week the students acted out giving and following directions around the city using a map. They told each other where to go and how to get there by following a map of Taipei. This helps them to reinforce their knowledge of the theme in an enjoyable way. Role-play is a lot of fun and students have a great time acting out these situations.

Overall, March was a great month. Everyone was extremely well behaved and respectful towards school rules and expectations. Everyone in L3 gets along well and supports each other to do their best. I have truly seen improvements in students’ confidence speaking English and being actively engaged in the lessons. I hope to continue this progress over the rest of Semester 2!

Best regards,

Teacher Ethan