We have concluded the month of March in L4, and I am happy to report that it went very well. We continued to expand the students’ knowledge of English by learning many new concepts and building upon previously learned skills. They learned new vocabulary and ideas which helped them to improve their grammar and phonics. I am happy with the work ethic and effort shown by L4 this month.

In Spelling, we continued to learn 16 new vocabulary words each week. As well as learning to spell them, the students learn different phonics rules through spelling class each week. The words are grouped together based on similar phonics, such as a vowel sound or grammar concept. They learned the definitions of the words and how to use them in sentences. Spelling is the foundation of the curriculum and related to everything else we learn each week. The students have become very good at making definitions for words.

In Grammar, students gain a better understanding how to create grammatically correct sentences. This month, we focused heavily on adjectives, which are words that describe a noun. Adjectives can tell how things look, smell, taste, feel, etc. Learning how to use adjectives correctly should greatly improve the quality of their writing by learning how to describe things better.

In Science, we use scientific concepts to further expand the students’ English vocabulary. The first part of the month, we focused on weather and seasons by learning how the weather changes throughout the year around the world. Next, we started learning about the sky, atmosphere and space. Students learned about things we can see in the day sky, such as the sun and atmosphere, as well as what they can see in the night sky, such as stars, the moon and planets in space. Science is a great way to learn new words by learning interesting concepts and doing fun activities.

In Social Studies, students continued to learn about social interaction, relationships between people and the world around us. This month, we have been focusing on learning about history and the past. They learned to compare things in the past to today and talk about how things change over time. For example, we looked at how people have communicated in the past and how inventions made it easier, such as telling stories by mouth, to writing books/letters, to telephones, etc. This gives the students perspective about how things are not always the same as they were and are constantly changing.

In Reading and Writing, the students completed a creative writing project and PTA reflections. The creative writing was a one week lesson in which students were encouraged to write about something using as many adjectives as they could to make it very descriptive. We also did PTA reflections, where students reflected on their strengths and weaknesses for all subjects that we learn in class. Students learned to write about themselves and describe what they think they are good at or need to improve. This helps them to think about what to focus their effort on more and improve.

I am happy with the progress of the students this month. Everyone in L4 did a good job of being focused and willing to learn every day. Every student in the class gets along well and supports each other to do their best. It is a positive and respectful learning environment I have seen improvements in many areas for many students and I am excited to continue to build on their strengths and improve weaknesses over the next semester!

Best regards, Teacher Ethan