Level 3A                                                                   March 2018 Newsletter

A couple of months have passed since our last newsletter and L3A has been going well! Students have worked together to share and grow their knowledge on topics like Building and Construction, City, Maps, and Spring and Summer.


In Science students were challenged to use their critical thinking skills to solve or test a variety of problems. In our Buildings and Construction unit students worked together to build bridges that could hold as much weight as possible. In our City unit students learned about the reason that stop lights stop for the amount of time that they do, and brainstormed and discussed the importance of this. In our Maps unit students learned how to operate a compass and then worked together to plan out the best route to and from three different locations, and in our Spring and Summer unit students learned about and modeled the difference between waves that hit a steep continental shelf and a gradual continental shelf.


In Reading students have been looking at sequence of events, and how this can help authors develop their plots. Students read about a boy named Rich who is at first afraid that he will not grow, but eventually realizes that he will and were asked to brainstorm and then write about something they cannot do now that they will be able to do when they are older. Students also read about a caterpillar turning into a butterfly and wrote and drew about this process afterwards. 


 In Phonics we have focused on the different ways to make the long e sound, including ‘ee,’ ‘ea,’ ‘i,’ ‘y,’ and ‘e’ and how to successfully add consonant clusters to the beginning or ending of these letter combinations. Students have practiced their ability to create new words using their phonics skills by looking at longer words and have focusing on their listening and pronunciation skills by completing connect the dot activities with a partner.


In Role Play students have been able to enlarge their understanding of our different themes through a variety of different role plays. In our City unit students worked with partners to create their own cities, complete with names, location, and all the buildings and services students felt necessary like schools, hospitals, supermarkets, libraries, etc. They presented their cities to the class afterwards and students voted on which city they would like to live in the most. During our Maps unit students got to put their maps skills to the test by going on an outing directed by them to three different places around the school. In our Spring and Summer role play students got together with the L2A class and had a joint camping trip role play. Students worked together to pitch a tent, gather firewood, roast marshmallows, tell scary stories and clean up. Lots of fun was had by all!
Overall these past couple of months have shown growth from students in both their individual learning and their cooperative learning as well. Keep up the good work!



Best regards,


Teacher Murielle