Level 5A                                                                   March Newsletter



Dear students and parents,


Another month has gone by and I would like to take the time to reflect on what we learned in class. Before we do I will say that the class continues to improve in all areas of behavior, but there is still room for improvement. Students are being asked to participate more and more in the maintenance of the schools rules every class. This has been challenging for some and will continue to be so however I am sure that by working together we will all succeed.


To begin, in reading class we learned about how authors make inferences in their writing. This allows them, and the students to tell the reader things about the characters without actually having to write them. This is an important skill to making stories interesting and not wasting a reader’s time with unnecessary writing. We also spent a lot of time on discussing how conflict in a story is really what makes them interesting. Together we brainstormed conflict ideas to add life to some otherwise boring story ideas.


In science we have been learning about our solar system and beginning next week, the stars beyond it. This has been an engaging and fun topic to teach the children as I am passionate about outer space and the students have responded well to this extra energy in class. We examined all of the planets and what makes them interesting, how gravity allows planets to orbit the sun, and finally some of the solar systems more interesting moons. Students were each given a planet to give a short presentation on and everyone did very well.


In social studies we learned about the history of transportation and communication. I see these topics as being an important area for the children to understand because using transportation and communication (such as phones or even talking) are an everyday occurrence. It is also fun for us to discover how people lived without these important inventions. We also discussed what makes a hero. We learned that people can become heroes in many different ways, important to our class however were the people who became heroes through invention.


In our grammar classes we continued to work a lot with verbs. We have begun moving on to the rules of punctuation after a lengthy time spent building the skills required to write and speak English using the correct verb tenses. Students have improved markedly and this is already being reflected in their writing projects. I will continue to monitor this area as it can be one of the hardest for children to learn.


To finish I would like to say that Level 5 continues to be a fun and energetic class to teach. My challenge is to continue to channel their energy into their work because when they do, they are able to surprise not only me but also themselves.



Teacher Noah