Level 2A                                                                   March, 2018 Newsletter



March has arrived and brought with it the beginning of a new season. The students have had a very enjoyable month and I have seen great progress with each of them since the beginning of this semester.


Over the past month we have covered the themes of City, Maps, Spring and Summer and Trees and Forests.  The students have done very well with each of these and having become fully accustomed with the weekly schedule, they were continuously aware of what class was coming next; eager to participate and always curious to learn.


In Science, following our study of Building and Construction, during City week the students looked at water pipes and their importance in buildings to provide us with clean water and to ensure safe removal of unclean water. We looked at what can happen if the water pipes in a house or building get blocked, and how we can prevent this from happening by not throwing things in the toilet or down drains. The flowing week the students learned about bird’s-eye view and used their knowledge to map out the school after going on a tour of the three floors. They got busy measuring temperatures and seeing how temperature changes can impact the weather and what causes typhoons during the summer and finally during Trees and Forests week they looked at food chains and how removing one animal from any of the levels of a food web could have a huge effect on the other animals involved in the same web.


In Phonics, the students have all progressed a huge amount. We continued with our work through the different phonemes of the alphabet and work at splitting, blending, articulating and reading three and four letter words containing these letters after. This has worked very well and in conjunction with this, we have begun the students’ Songbirds book in Reading class this month also. These are a series of short books which begin with sentences comprised of three letter words which the students learn to sound out and say and they later move on to slightly longer words while also introducing different phonics rules the students will become familiar with too.


The students seem to have more enthusiasm for Role-Plays as the weeks go on, which I am more than happy about. Over the past month we have done cleaning the house and we visited the ice-cream store for Weekly Role Play, with the students acting as customers, cashiers and servers after having learned of different flavors of ice-cream and toppings they can purchase. During our Theme Role-Plays the students acted as animals having their homes destroyed due to deforestation, trees making food for themselves through photosynthesis and we planned a trip around the city area using our skills from City and Maps weeks. The students did such a great job with this that we were able to walk the route the following day in our first outing of the year! The students had a great time also as we combined with 3A to participate in a camping trip in B1. And despite some initial difficulties getting the tent pitched, the students worked together and did a phenomenal job collecting fire wood, roasting marshmallows and taking part in an Easter egg hunt.


The month of March came and went pretty quickly and the students are continuing to build their skills with reading, writing and speaking and they’re thoroughly enjoying doing it. Time to get started on April!


In Role Play, we acted as customers, cashiers and servers at an ice cream store. We learned how to ask politely for the different flavors of ice cream we wanted.

And most importantly, we all learned how to pay with the right amount of money for the ice cream we ordered.

In science class, we made our very own snorkeling gear to experience how to breathe in the water.

With the snorkeling gear we had, we were able to breathe through our snorkeling tubes in the water!