We are concluding the month of April in L3A. We had a productive month and students were able to continue to make good progress in their English learning. I enjoyed meeting with the parents during PTAs to discuss how our students are doing. I am happy with the conversations we had and I believe we took some good steps to make a path in order to further improve their abilities. I am pleased with the performance from the students this month and I think they continued to make steady improvements in all areas.

In Science, we continued to learn about a new concept each week and then did a fun experiment or activity to reinforce their knowledge of the topic. For example, one week we learned oil spills in the ocean and then experimented with different ways to remove oil from water. Another week, we learned about how cheese is made on farms and then made some of our own delicious cheese in the classroom.

In Reading, we continued to focus on reading aloud with a good volume and pace, as well as reading individually in front of the class. We read multiple Songbird stories, such as “No Milk Today” which is a story about a family that needs to do a bunch of different things before they are able to feed the cat. These stories help to improve their reading ability as well as their reading comprehension by discussing the content of stories and their meanings.

In Phonics, we continued to practice blending consonant sounds as well short vowel sounds. We focused heavily on the “short u” sound examining many different combinations of letters that can make this sound (such as u, ue, etc.). Students practice reading these words as well as writing them. These activities and workshops greatly reinforce our student’s phonetic abilities.

In Role Plays, our students acted out a variety of real life situations that are related to the themes. Roleplays help the students to remember the theme vocabulary, as well as practical ways to talk about them in everyday life. For example, during “Habitats” week, we pretended to be explorers traveling through different habitats. They discussed the animals, plants and climate they saw in each habitat. This helps them to reinforce their knowledge of the theme and practice the vocabulary in an enjoyable way. Role-play is a lot of fun and students have a great time acting out these situations.

April was a great month overall. The students continued to show a good desire to learn and a respect for the classroom rules. The students all seem to be gaining more and more confidence as the weeks and months go by. I am happy to see the students enjoying their time in class and having fun while learning. I am excited to continue this momentum into the future and continue to help them grow.

Best regards,

Teacher Ethan