Dear students and parents,

I am happy to report that things have been going great in class. The children’s behavior in class continues to be excellent. Classes have been very fun and productive. Well done level 4 for your effort! This month also provided the parents a chance to meet me at our PTA night.

Now on to what we have learned. In our reading class we have looked at poems along with our usual stories. I am encouraging students to read to each other in pairs to increase their opportunity to practice their reading. We have focused a lot on intonation and trying to make our reading sound more natural and less stiff. In writing class we completed a 3 week writing project about a hypothetical situation titled “What if we had…” Next week students will be reading these stories aloud to the rest of the class to practice their public speaking skills.

In science we were looking at space. We learned a lot about the solar system, including its many moons some of which are very interesting. We discussed at length the size of the universe and I educated the students on the amazing amount of stars and galaxies that we can see. We made some small paper planets and used them to model orbits as well as other hands on activities to reinforce our learning.

Social studies saw us learning about heroes, symbols, and citizens. We looked at many real life heroes, and for a bit of fun talked about superheroes. During our week on symbols we discussed how symbols are all around us and are very useful to understand ideas. Finally for citizens we looked at the voting process, and even ran some small debates and voting in class to give students the chance to cast some of their first votes!

In our grammar classes we spent a lot of time reviewing past content as well as doing some test preparation activities. Level 4 has impressed me with their understanding of grammar as I often see new grammar concepts showing up in the writing projects as soon as learn them. We will continue to spend more time on a variety of topics, especially verbs and adjectives as they are a little more rule heavy.

Research class continues to be a highlight of the week. We looked at Russia, South Korea, North Korea and Canada this month. For each we read about the countries, made a poster to highlight some of their landmarks, and finished with an activity from that country.

To conclude Level 4 continues to create an excellent atmosphere for teaching. They are all very attentive and asking lots of questions which I very much enjoy answering. Keep up the great work Level 4.

Teacher Noah