Level 4A’s journey is almost coming to an end, as just like that the month of April has come and gone. This month was a good chance for the students to evaluate themselves; the progress they have made and the next steps from here.

In Science over the past month, we have been looking at the Physical Science, concentrating on the Sun and the Moon and most recently, moving onto describing matter. The students all had a good base ground of knowledge when it came to the movement of the earth and the effects this has on our days and nights, but we also elaborated on these, with the students learning

In Social Studies we have looked at a unit dealing with change. The students learned about life in the past under a number of headings and compared these practices and ways of living with life today. We looked at family life, going to school, transportation as a method of moving people and things, as well as methods of communication and how technology has had such a huge impact on this over time.

For Reading and Writing, we have continued reviewing some of the key skills which we learned at the beginning of the term as we branched away from the book and looked at some external resources dealing with theme related works which we could relate our writing projects to. The students did two creative writing pieces, the first writing from an additional character in a story’s point of view and the second dealing with a new animal at the zoo. The students also worked on their self-evaluation, acknowledging their strengths in each class as well as some next steps they may have in order to improve their ability.

In Grammar, we have been concentrating on some different topics which the students have had some issues with in their writing and which have improved greatly. We have been looking at the correct usages of the comma, the right times when it is necessary to use capitalization and most recently we have begun looking at the correct usage of subject and object pronouns.

I have seen a lot of development in the 4A classroom this month in terms of English ability as well as confidence and character, and I am looking forward to seeing how the remainder of the year works out and the further development each of the students will unfold. On to April to see what’s in store next.

Kind regards,

Teacher Maurice