Dear students and parents,

I am happy to report that things have been going great in class. All of the students have been trying their best to improve their behavior and ensure that only English is spoken during class times. At times this has been challenging but lately it is getting easier and easier. Well done level 5a for your effort! This month also provided the parents a chance to meet me at our PTA night.

Now on to what we learnt this month. We have been writing a short story about a mistake that we’ve made in the past. The stories are coming along great and are expected to be finished this week.

In science we have moved onto talking about states of matter. This saw us discuss what solids, liquids, and gases are. What are their properties? How can we change them? We have had many class demonstrations including oil / water mixing and dissolving jelly crystals into hot water. We will soon be talking about magnification and the structure of very small objects including what we are made of, cells!

In social studies we learned about the different kinds of laws that exist. We had some class debating over several issues before the students were asked to vote for a winner, much like Taiwan’s legislative branch passes new laws. This class was a lot of fun and I hope to do more debating with the children in the future. We will also look at how to get elected president or into the legislature by running some fake campaigns for president. The students will examine political messages that candidates put forward to get elected.

In grammar we have been doing a lot of test preparation in the form of exercises which cover a lot of the grammar content learnt throughout the year. Once this is complete we will be taking a closer look at some of the harder grammar subjects that I think the students can benefit from knowing more about such as adverbs and more difficult verbs tenses (Perfect, Continuous).

So to conclude, Level 5a are coming along great. The atmosphere in the classroom is improving. I have been quite strict with the students recently and now that behavior has improved a lot we can start to have a little more fun with our lessons.

Teacher Noah