Dear Parents,
Level 2A learned about some very fun and exciting themes during May! Students learned all about different farm plants and the different growing requirements and seasons for each crop. They also found out about the hard work it takes to grow, harvest, and sell them. We worked on understanding the differences between bugs and insects during insects week. Level 2A then took a look at our planet, Earth, and how to take care of it and keep it clean during Earth and recycling week! We then worked on learning about the sun and all eight planets in our solar system week- what they look like, how long their rotations and revolutions are, etc. Students then got to think like astronauts and explore the complexities of life beyond our own solar system during space week. There was so much to learn and experience!

In science, students took their knowledge of insect body parts to create brand new insects of their very own! They were able to look at and discuss soil quality and water retention needed for crops to grow on a farm. We also learned about how different landforms have been created all around our planet and were able to use clay to create their own. Students also acted as both the sun and all eight planets to explore rotation and revolution with their own bodies. This helped them understand the difference between the concepts and apply it to our days and years on Earth. Finally, students were able to take what they learned about gravity and apply it by experimenting with the way different objects fall.

Students have continued to share their knowledge during journal about our weekly themes. Students are continuing to practice writing their letters neatly and focus on making them in the correct formation and the correct size in both journal class and phonics. Students have worked on the letters j, g, y, and will be starting k in phonics class. We have also been practicing spelling three letter words and vowel swapping. We have started to incorporate more reading for understanding questions while reading our Songbirds books this month in addition to practicing phonics.

During our weekly role plays, students worked at and visited a restaurant, stocked and shopped at a grocery store, sorted a clothing store, and took a trip to the doctor. We used our weekly role plays this month to understand the relationships between working and being a customer. Students practiced using good manners and asking for help with clear communicative language!

We began practicing for our end of the year show. I am very excited for you all to come on June 23rd to see all of the hard work Level 2A has been putting in to make it a great show! Students also completed their last major assessment of the year. I am so proud of their hard work on the test. Their daily efforts in the classroom have also been wonderful to see!

I can’t wait for everything June has to offer Level 2A!

Teacher Jessica