We are concluding the month of May in L3A. This month, the students completed their third Major Assessment. I was happy to see improvements from all students compared to last time. We continued to learn and grow the students’ vocabulary and understanding of English. We focused a lot on phonics and grammar, which I think has been productive for the students. I am happy with the progress and effort of all the students this month.

In Science, we continued to learn about a new concept each week and then did a fun experiment or activity to reinforce their knowledge of the topic. For example, one week we learned all about Earth’s atmosphere and used different colored seeds in a bottle to show how the amount of carbon dioxide has increased a lot. Another week, we learned how space shuttles use force to break free from Earth’s gravity and used an exploding film canister to examine the force of velocity first hand.

In Reading, we focused heavily on individual reading in order to improve the student’s confidence reading in front of a group. We read multiple Songbird stories, such as “The Deer and the Earwig” which is a story that teaches students the importance of helping others. These stories are beneficial to improving their reading skills as well as their comprehension of stories content, including characters, setting, plot, etc.

In Phonics, we continued to practice blending consonant sounds as well as vowel sounds. We also reviewed a lot of previously learned phonics sounds. We focused heavily on the “long e” sound examining many different letters or combinations of letters that can make this sound (such as ee, ea, y). Students practice reading these words as well as writing them. These activities and workshops greatly reinforce our student’s phonetic abilities.

In Role Plays, our students acted out a variety of real life situations that are related to the themes. Roleplays help the students to remember the theme vocabulary, as well as practical ways to talk about them in everyday life. For example, during “Space” week, we pretended to be astronauts living in a space station. They practiced doing daily habits in zero gravity, such as sleeping, making food, etc. Role plays help the students practice using the vocabulary while also providing a fun environment to boost their confidence and social interaction.

Overall, May was a great month. The students of L3 always bring a positive attitude to class and are ready to learn. They all love to participate and be active in the learning experience. They also continued to be kind and encouraging to each other. I am satisfied with their performances and look forward to continuing to build their English abilities.

Best regards,

Teacher Ethan