Dear Parents,

Students learned about helping verbs, contractions, and using descriptive exact verbs in grammar class. We have been working towards using these skills with accuracy in both writing and speaking. Our spelling units went over different VCCV patterns, double consonants, and “augh” vs. “ough” patterns. In phonics, students practiced the correct pronunciation of different blends and speed reading. Our stories in reading class focussed on informative and biographical texts. Students worked to find fact and opinion in the stories they were reading, as well as to develop main ideas by using key details from the book.

In science class, students learned all about matter. We worked on categorizing and sorting examples of matter into their different states. They also got to see how different types of matter can be changed and made mixtures and solutions. Social Studies was very informative. We went over rights, laws, and the government. Students learned how citizens can make a difference in their communities.

Our writing prompt this month focused on constellations. Students worked to explain their knowledge of constellations- what they are, different examples, how they can be used, etc. They then were asked to tell a story about finding a new constellation. They needed to provide details about how they found it, its appearance, history, and even name it. We then completed our third public speaking class.

For research this month, students took a closer look at how wildfires start and how to prevent them, the damage that can be caused by earthquakes, and different types of volcanoes. We began practicing for our end of the year show. I am very excited for you all to come on June 23rd to see all of the hard work Level 5A has been putting in to make it a great show and show you some things they have learned!

Students also completed their last major assessment of the year. I am so proud of their hard work on the test. Their daily efforts in the classroom have also been wonderful to see!

Teacher Jessica