Dear parents,

We’re coming up on the last month of the semester! We spent the last month of Spelling class studying more consonant and vowel clusters. In Grammar class we talked more about gerunds and participles and when it’s appropriate to use them. We also started to review for the end-of-the-year grammar exams that we’ll have in the first week of June.

In Science, we continued learning about matter and energy. We spent a while talking about sound; how it comes in waves, how it travels through various substances like water and air, and how our ears turn vibrations into noises we can hear. In Social Studies we learned about the law, the function of judges, and how and why countries give each other foreign aid. As with most Social Studies lessons, we usually either played a small game or performed a role-play to learn these concepts in an interesting way.

In Research class we began rehearsing for the end-of-the-year show. We all have a lot of lines to memorize, so starting early is important! In Reading class we read several stories in several genres; a fictional story about music, a nonfiction article about schools all around the world, and a biographical story about Helen Keller. In Writing class we finished our just-so stories and wrote a persuasive essay to practice arguing a point and comparing two things.

We’re coming up to the end of the semester, and, as mentioned, our final exams. In the coming weeks we’ll continue to review for those, and spend our spare moments rehearsing for our presentation on June 23rd. We’re close to the end of the textbooks. Once we’re finished with those, we’ll spend some time on a very quick overview of human history, and the structure of the universe on big and small scales, in Social Studies and Science class respectively.

Good job, level five!

Teacher Robert