Another month has passed and things are going well! Students have worked together to share and grow their knowledge on topics like Farm Animals and Plants, Insects, Recycling and the Earth, The Solar System and Space.

In Science, students were challenged to use their critical thinking skills to interact with different science-related activities in each theme. In our Farm Plants theme, students learned about the essential vitamins, why it is necessary to get them from food, and in which foods we can find them. Students then had to work together to plan a meal that included all of the essential vitamins. During Farm Animals students got to make and sample their own cheese! For our Insects theme, students learned about camouflage and how these adaptations help animals survive. They finished by creating camouflage for the clay insects they had made the previous day in Role Play.  In our Earth theme, students learned about the different parts of our atmosphere and modeled the proportions using different colored grains. Students then brainstormed what has happened and will continue to happen as more carbon dioxide is added to the atmosphere. During our Solar System theme students worked individually to research and create a poster about one of the eight planets in our solar system and in our Space theme, students learned and modeled the phases of the moon using flashlights and different sized balls. At the end of class, students worked together to create a full moon cycle using Oreos. Yum!

In Reading students have looked at sequencing and how this can help readers understand the chronological layout of a story. The setting, characters and plot have continued to be emphasized as key to building a good story. Students read a biography about Tomas Rivera, learning about the different things that influenced him to eventually become a famous writer and teacher. In A Perfect Lunch, students read about a cow who wanted to have lunch with all of her friends, and they solved their problem of not having enough space. Students also learned about the genre of fantasy and read a story about a happy ant and her friends.   

 In Phonics we have been focusing on the different ways to make the long i sound, including the magic e rule and –igh. Students have participated in activities that hone their listening skills or different phonics sounds, as well as activities that ask them to practice the correct pronunciation of different phonics words.

In Role Play students have continued to grow their understanding of our different themes through a variety of different role plays. In our Farm Plants role play students acted as if they were on Master Chef, working with a partner to create either a fruit or vegetable salad, making it as delicious as they could using different seasonings like salt, vinegar, oil, sugar, cinnamon and honey. In Farm Animals, students worked together to read the main ingredients in their favorite snack and set up a farm that could grow and harvest all of the ingredients. They then hosted a Farmer’s Market where they took turns either selling their products or buying others’ products. During Insects week students made their own insect out of clay, making sure that it had all of the components that insects have. During Earth and Recycling week students learned about the three R’s and made their own recycling boxes for both paper and plastic items. After they had finished making the boxes they put on gloves and sorted through 4 days’ worth of trash, at the end examining how much recycling they had put into the trash in the last week. During Solar System students gave a “tour” of the planets, getting up and presenting facts about the planet they had researched in Science class. In Space week students took a trip to the International Space Station and spent time doing daily things like eating, sleeping, fixing things and washing themselves in a no-gravity environment.

Students have continued to show growth both academically and personally this month. I can hardly believe we are already at the end of May and I look forward to seeing what the final month of school will bring!

Best regards,

Teacher Murielle