Dear students and parents,

Another month is behind us and it was a big month indeed.  In the lead up to the final exams, we have begun looking back at what we have learned in the previous 4 months. I am happy to report that the students seem ready to take on the final big challenge of the year. We will have one final week of preparation before beginning exams on the 4th of June. This month also saw the students complete their final major assessments which are a benchmark of their progress for the year. I am happy to see all students made progress, particularly with their writing.

This month students completed a short story about a McGuffin (plot object) that granted cursed wishes – based on the original story titled ‘A Monkey’s Paw’. The stories were very funny with untimely and unlucky events happening to their story’s protagonists. A lot of creativity was shown in the development of ideas through to the final execution.

In science, we were looking at energy in its many different forms. We spent two weeks learning about sound and its more curious quirks. We learned that the humans can only hear sound within a certain range and that other animals hear differently to us. We tried to animate oobleck using sound waves with mixed success. Following this we spent a week looking at friction, and how it affects our daily lives. To finish we discussed forces in general.

In social studies, we looked at different ways to measure countries. We started by learning about the Human Development Index (HDI), which is basically ‘how good is a country to grow up in’. Following this, we did a unit on poverty, and students were put to task to think of ideas to combat poverty in a small country. We then spent a week looking at evolution and the history of the human species. We finished the month by learning about the history of life on earth going back 500 million years. We worked together to create a beautiful timeline consisting of 3 eras broken into 12 periods with accompanying extinction events.

In grammar, we continued to practice the perfect tense and past participle usage. We then spent a good amount of time looking at some important nouns rules regarding articles and the counting of nouns as I observed some mistakes in this area appearing in our writing class. We finished by looking at the present continuous tense, which is extremely useful as this is what we use to talk about now. The students did well in all areas and I am pleased by their progress.

To finish, Level 5a and I continue to foster a good classroom environment. We are almost at zero Chinese spoken in class which is allowing the students to practice their conversational English more and more. I am looking forward to working with them through their exam period and I am confident that together we can achieve a good result for everyone.


Teacher Noah