Dear Parents,

The school year has begun and the students are off to a remarkable start. We focused on several themes this month beginning with Manners, Friendship, Feelings & Emotions, which really was a crucial starting point in the new classroom. They are great listeners and treat each other and their teachers with respect.
In Science we did a number of fun experiments which reinforced the weekly themes ideas. Week one, we looked at my vital measurements and discussed similarities and differences between people. We continued taking measurements of the student’s arm and leg length, foot size and height to reinforce the idea of differences and similarities. It was during our week on The Family that I feel the students got the most enjoyment however, as they got to share pictures of their family, learn about each other’s families and then make their very own family tree.
In Phonics we dealt with the letters T, 0, P and I. Concentrating on the student’s pronunciation, recognition of the letters and their sounds, as well as some work in the student’s workbooks.
In reading I chose books which related to our weekly themes for a further bit of insight. All of the students thoroughly enjoyed the latest book “Mrs. Nosh Hangs Up Her Washing” during our week of Clothing and Shoes, a funny story about an eccentric lady who will hang anything she can up on her clothes line.
We had a lot of fun with our role plays every also, with the students role playing in different real life situations. “Going to the Hairdresser” saw the students acting as a hairstylist, cashier and customer in rotation at our own hair salon. During our clothing shopping the students got to try on different outfits and buy different clothes. All of these role plays had the students using their language related to the weekly themes, as well as using “Please”, “May I”, “Thank you” etc.
That’s our first month of the semester completed and it’s been busy! We have started off very strong and I’m sure we will continue to progress on a strong foot as the rest of the semester unfolds.

Best regards,
Tr. Mary