September has brought an improvement to the children’s phonic use. We have seen students improve their ability to use a short 0, short A, and a CK blend to a long 0, long X, and continued use of the CK blend of sounds. This has led to an increase in correct pronunciation as well as’better reading skills. The children have proven initially capable at reading stories like Little Red Hen but have shown improvements when reading more complex stories like Gran is Cross and Beth’s Job. The students have also shown improvement in reading short words as well as decreasing their times spent reading and pronouncing the words such as Play, We, Run, Can, Want, and Not.
The students showed a strong ability to identify different blood cells and attempted to draw them. This was a difficult task yet the children proved to be capable of remembering the basic use of each blood cell. We then moved on to making a family tree and show relation between people in their family. The students also showed much interest in making butter for science. The purpose was to show children that products have processes to make complex items; however, most of the children found the end result much more entertaining.
The roleplaying section began with laying groundwork for teaching the children about good manners. The children showed a proficiency in showing proper manners as well remembering the elements that make up good manners. The students then moved on to roleplaying a family dinner where they pretended to prepare dishes, bring meals to the table, and set a table properly while using good manners while doing so. The students also attempted to design the layout of a basic apartment. They decided the placement of furniture as well as letting guests in to examine their place.
Much improvement has been seen by all students and hopefully they will continue to show a greater proficiency with their abilities.

Thank you,

Teacher Andrew