September has brought an improvement to the students and their ability to
improve their learning. They have learnt the different processes by which plants
spread their seeds as well as show the life cycle of a plant. They then moved on to
learning about animals and they were able to discern animals’defenses and offences.
They have also learnt about sea animals and shown an enthusiasm towards elements
of their life. The students learned about different kinds of cephalopods, whales, and
sharks. They showed an interest in the different varieties of these creatures as well as
the skills that some possess.
The reading skills of students have improved throughout the month showing
an increasing ability to read longer pieces of work while widening their pronunciation
skills. From reading about going to the moon to reading the fictional story ‘The Big
Trip’, the students are demonstrating an ability to read much more difficult pieces
while being able to pronounce some words that are years ahead of their capabilities
with the help of some basic prompting.
The students have also been learning more about social studies. Starting with
rules and organization the students learned the importance of structure and working
together with a basic sorting game, the children moved on to rules and leaders where
they learned about what makes a good leader versus a bad leader. They also learned
the importance that rules play when interacting with each other. The students ended
with attempting to construct a basic city while learning about what is necessary to
construct a city as well as why certain structures don’t exist near others.
The students have all shown an increasing ability to show comprehension,
higher-level thought, and improved grammar and I cannot wait to see further

Thank you,
Teacher Andrew