Dear parents,
As we come to the end of the first month, I would like to take some time to keep you updated
with our current progress. Students in the class have been doing great so far, with any daily
struggles being quashed through hard work and classroom engagement. The curriculum is
maintained at a quick pace to challenge students while enriching their lives through quality
English learning. In spelling class we have been learning over a dozen words weekly, focusing
on their definitions and how they typically appear in sentences. These tasks range from
introductory to challenging, often requiring some discussion to find the correct answer. By doing
so, students have come to possess a much stronger vocabulary. In grammar class we have been
working on statements and questions.
In Science Class students have been learning about different living organisms. We spent some
time discussing the different types of animals, such as mammals and amphibians and how one
may differentiate between them given their unique characteristics. We also learned about the
different parts of a plant and how it grows through spreading its seeds. In the past week we have
been learning about plant life cycles, the process by which they are sustained. Students enjoyed
engaging in this topic through challenging tasks requiring plenty of discussion. Doing so helped
students connect with the world around them in new and exciting ways.
Social studies had students learning all about the different types of communities and the human
capital that helps form them. We discussed at length the difference between rural, urban, and
suburban communities, which proved at times to be a great challenge given the different
geographies between the United States of American and Taiwan. We also discussed the different
roles a leader may take in a community, such as keeping people safe and making rules for people
to follow. Doing so allowed us to enrich students’ambitions in the daily classroom environment,
by encouraging displays of leadership and cooperation.
In reading and writing we spent the first few weeks working on a non-fiction story, while we
spent the past week on fiction creative writing. Throughout this process students were able to
hone their writing skills through active feedback and participation in creating a story outline.
This helped students learn how to organize their thoughts and ideas when writing more lengthy
material as well as to incorporate the lessons from spelling and grammar classes. Creative
writing allowed students to bring their ideas to life in a fun and engaging new way.

Best regards,
Teacher Brian