Dear Parents,
It’s been a great start to the school year and we have already covered a lot in the first month
of classes in Level 6. The students have slowly been adjusting to the new routine. Our
Animal Race management system is now up and running and should be rewarding to those
who have done the right thing and remind others to focus.
In each class, we have a different focus for the lesson. So far, science and reading classes
have been especially popular, but all classes are important in ensuring that the students reach
their potential.
In spelling, students have been learning more challenging words using different vowel
sounds. They have been using these in sentences as part of their homework and the
comprehension reviews have shown that they are generally mastering the spelling quite
effectively. In our grammar classes, the students have been trying to write correct sentences
by mastering the subject and predicate. They have also been learning how to fix run-on
In social studies, the focus has been on communities as well as landforms and basic
geography. Students have been learning about landforms in The United States, and Taiwan
and have made links to the importance of different types of landscapes for different
lifestyles. In science class, the students started looking at plants and different vocabulary
associated with plants. They conducted an interesting experiment in which the students
changed some of the growing conditions, such as trying to grow plants with too much water,
too little water or too little sunlight. The results were surprising!
In reading and writing class, the students have finished their first major writing project based
on an introduction, entitled’Myself’. This is a great step, as the students will work on
writing projects for the rest of the year. There was plenty of imagination and creativity in
every project, and I hope you enjoy reading the samples in this month’s newsletter.

Best regards,
Teacher Brian