What a wonderful September! L9 has had a varied month: full of new beginnings and
exciting discoveries. We have embarked on a challenging journey and the first month
has been a promising start. I am excited to see what heights this class will reach by the
end of the year.
In Science, we looked at the classification of plants. We discovered several new
subcategories of plants in existence and were able to use scientific vocabulary to sort
them. In addition, we have examined microscopic life forms and isolated the
properties of bacteria, protists and fungi. Animals have been a part of the equation
too. With a fairly complete knowledge of vertebrates, the students were fascinated to
discover the complexities and varieties in invertebrates. We had a great time
designing arthropods, worms, sponges and cnidarians. Under the microscope, the
structure and purpose of animal and plant cells have also been revealed to us!
In Social Studies, we took the time this month to review some of last years’ work and
combine it with techniques for tracking history. We were able to understand sources,
their reliability and their usefulness. In addition, we have put together our own
timelines to track over 200 years of America history. Most exciting of all, students
were able to present to each other the result of their studies.
In Reading and Writing, we have tried to emulate informative text. We understood
how to write histories and separate fact from opinion. Then, using this information we
used encyclopaedias to learn about transportation before finally planning and
executing our work. I was pleased to see students being selective with their details and
understanding the nuances of the written form.
Septei:nber has brought some great moments and it has been wonderful getting to
know these kids. All of them are very bright so I am confident that we can achieve
outstanding results going forward.

Tr. Nick