Dear Parents,
Our first month in level 5 passed too quickly! As we come to the close of the first
month of English school I would like to take some time to get you up to speed with
our current progress. I know I had a lot of fun, and I hope my students did too
In Spelling class, we mainly focused on learning words with long vowel sounds, and
the different ways those words can be spelled. We focused on their definitions and
how they typically appear in sentences. These tasks range from introductory to
challenging, often requiring discussion to deduce the correct answer. By doing so,
students have come to possess a much stronger vocabulary.
In our Grammar class, we learned about the different parts that sentences have such as
the naming part (subject) and the action part (predicate). We also spent quite a bit of
time reviewing the difference between nouns, verbs, and adjectives, and doing tense
exercises. Beyond that, we learned about the different kinds of sentences like
statements, questions and commands.
In Science class, we also learned about the different parts of a plant and how it grows
through spreading its seeds. In the past week we have been learning about plant life
cycles, the process by which they are sustained.
In our first Social Studies lesson, we defined the terms “community” and
“neighborhood,” and then in subsequent lessons, learned about what different kinds of
communities are like, and how they’re all dependent on each other. We also discussed
the different roles a leader may take in a community, such as keeping people safe and
making rules for people to follow. Doing so allowed us to enrich students’ambitions
in the daily classroom environment, by encouraging displays of leadership and
We read two stories in our Reading class, each of which taught a critical reading skill.
The first story was called Hen叮and Mudge, about a boy and his dog, and reading it
emphasized how stories are built out of sequences of events. The second story was
about a young girl’s family, and its reading skill was all about comparison.
Writing class we wrote a story about Myself. The aim of the class was to get the
students to explain a little about themselves. In doing so I got some inside into the
students and their environments. Students practiced public speaking which was
challenging yet fun.
Kind regards
Tr. Mary