Dear parents and students,

I enjoyed welcoming all Level 2A students to Alexander academy this month. September was a month focussed largely on learning rules and procedures, how to ask for things and express needs, the alphabet, and basic vocabulary on top of our classwork each week. For example, students are able to express the day, month, date and year as well as the daily weather in complete sentences on their own. I am very proud of all of the progress that each Level 2A student has made thus far!

Week one was a big week because we looked at a few different themes- Welcome Week, Manners and Friendship, and Feelings and Emotions. We went over school rules and how to behave in class, how to interact with others in positive ways, and how to express our wants and needs. We then learned about family, homes and rooms, and clothing and shoes during the rest of September. Students loved discussing their family members, designing homes, and showing off their trendy fashion sense! They also worked hard to remember theme vocabulary and speak in complete sentences when referring to the theme. Our reading class has also contained story times in which the books are directly related and allow many connections to be made by students to the theme.

Our role plays allowed us to have interactive and hands on experiences! Some of them included family celebrations, daily routines, cleaning our house, and a fashion show! Students were repeating target language exchanges with both classmates and myself while getting to act and play.

In phonics, we have worked on learning the alphabet, letter sounds, and alphabetical order as a general concept. We have also been focusing on individual letters in their textbook. This month, we have looked at Tt, Oo, Pp, and Ii. Students have worked on writing the letters correctly, knowing the letter name and sound, thinking of their own words that contain the letter as well as new words, etc. Students also practiced their writing during journal class by copying key words from the board.

In science, we took a look at our body’s vital measurements and understood that it is okay that we are all different. Students had so much fun making family trees and showing the class pictures of their families. We also looked at home resources and which rooms and appliances use them. During our clothing and shoes theme, students loved weaving!

I am so excited for October in Level 2A! They have a good grasp of what class is like now and I am looking forward to being able to do more and more with them. There are lots of fun learning experiences coming up!

Tr. Jessica