Dear Parents and Students,

This month has been such a wonderful learning experience for the students and I. It has been a pleasure getting to know them and teaching them an array of lessons for Spelling, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, and Research. I am impressed by their enthusiasm to learn and how quickly they have improved!

During their journey of becoming more fluent in English they have increased their vocabulary with many new words and can use them in conversation and writing. Research class has been key to this development since they’re really enjoying our study on Archeology in Ancient Egypt. Their pronunciation has also gotten better as we’ve practiced phonics and reading. We are incorporating grammar in writing and Comprehension Reviews which has been helpful in achieving proper sentence structure.

I believe the students have enjoyed Science and Social Studies the most. For Science we’ve done 4 experiments/ hands on activities which have been very interactive and provided a fun way to absorb the learning material. They planted green beans, have watered, and observed their growth every week. We went to the garden on the first floor and drew some plants to observe similarities and differences. We also used food coloring in water to see if the celery would change color, and it did! Last but not least, for our fruit graph with grapes and dragon fruit we cut the grapes and examined the difference in seed amount compared to the precut dragon fruit. For social studies we’re making a family photo poster and talking about what makes our families unique and how to be active members of a community.

All in all, I am so excited to continue teaching my eager and happy Level 5 class. So far I have absolutely enjoyed the experience. I know they have been expanding in their knowledge of English, culture, history, societal structure and more. I look forward to next month’s adventure in learning at Alexander Academy.

Best regards,

Tr. Angeline