Dear parents and students,

I enjoyed the start of our year in Level 6! I have some students from last year and some new students as well, so it was exciting to see the new class dynamic begin to form.

In reading, students have learned about reading strategies regarding drawing conclusions, providing details, and character development. Our first writing prompt focused on providing details. Students were asked to write their first journal by giving detailed facts about themselves, their favorite things, and their goals for the future. We worked on varying sentences structure and avoiding repetition while writing. During our last week, Level 6 got to participate in our first public speaking class of the year. After completing their final drafts, students then read it to the class. Everyone did a great job!

Our first three spelling units this year focused on short and long vowels for a,e, and i. In grammar class, we reviewed sentences by looking at the difference between a statement, question, and command. We then followed up by learning about subjects and predicates. We worked on syllables, silent letters, and blends in phonics.

In science, Level 6 learned all about plants, paying close attention to how to classify plants and how plants have adapted to survive in different environments. We experimented with seed growth and rooting. As a class, we are also working on hypothesizing and elaborating before each experiment and following through with it during the next class to see if we were right. Social studies class dealt with elements of different communities, laws, and geography.

Research class began with discussing what the class was interested in studying throughout the semester. We decided on learning about what makes a species thrive or go extinct. We will be discussing natural environmental factors and man-made causes and how they play a role in different animal populations increasing or decreasing.

I am looking forward to October with Level 6! We have lots of learning to do together!

Tr. Jessica