Dear Parents and Students,

I am so glad I’ve had the opportunity to be a teacher for Level 7 this year. The first month was a success and you have all done a wonderful job. You’ve excelled in every subject from Spelling to Writing and have done exceptionally well in every Comprehension Review. I am thoroughly impressed by how advanced you all are and I’m ecstatic to continue teaching you.

Although we’ve learned some really challenging words you’ve been able to apply your skills efficiently for reading and spelling. You’re doing a great job on your homework and you follow my instructions. Thank you for being active participants and helping to make the class much more interesting and fun. I hope you’re really enjoying it.

Parents, you’re doing a great job! You’re children are so well mannered and extremely smart. They have learned how to write intriguing journal entries and are so willing to share their hobbies, ideas, and opinions. Each of them has something special to offer in our class learning experience.

I look forward teaching them more about culture, excellent academic writing and grammar so they can become more knowledgeable in the English language. As the semester continues we will grow together in our interactions, skills and application. Now that September is over we will have more interesting topics to cover in October. It’ll be a fun fall, can’t wait to teach, learn, and celebrate with all of you!

Best regards,

Tr. Angeline